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Scheduled Flights


Welcome to a better way to fly! Whether you live or work in Cat Lake or Slate Falls, SFA offers the best options for your travel needs:

  • Multiple daily return flight options most days

  • Our timetable coincides with many connecting flight options between Sioux Lookout and destinations served by other carriers, including Thunder Bay and Winnipeg

  • Additional flights scheduled as demand warrants.

  • Free cancellation and rebooking (with 3 hrs. notice) on all fares​

  • 50 lbs. complimentary baggage allowance



2024 Timetable

Scheduled flights operate 7 days per week (except holidays)

FLT 611 departs Sioux Lookout 0900am arrives Slate Falls 0935am

FLT 1611* departs Slate Falls 0945am arrives Cat Lake 1000am

FLT 1612* departs Cat Lake 1010am arrives Slate Falls 1025am
FLT 612 departs Slate Falls 1035am arrives Sioux Lookout 1105am

FLT 615 departs Sioux Lookout 1400pm arrives Slate Falls 1435pm

FLT 1615*departs Slate Falls 1445pm arrives Cat Lake 1500pm

FLT 1616* departs Cat Lake 1510pm arrives Slate Falls 1525pm
FLT 616 departs Slate Falls 1535pm arrives Sioux Lookout 1605pm


*FLT 1611,1612,1615,1616 only operates on-demand; should no reservations exist on that route that flight will operate direct between Sioux Lookout / Cat Lake.

CONTACT US by email or phone for current fare structure or to make reservations.

Online reservations and payments are coming soon - for now to make a reservation:

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