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Dangerous Goods


Slate Falls Airways is equipped to handle your shipping requirements for all classes of dangerous goods, excluding Class 7 Radioactive. Depending on the nature of your dangerous goods shipment, there are several restrictions and conditions that will apply. Before arriving for your flight, or if you need to ship dangerous goods, please do not hesitate to call or email ahead to be sure there are no last-minute delays or surprises.



Slate Falls Airways is approved to handle items that would normally be subject to more stringent requirements through exceptions under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Our exclusions include:

  • Excepted explosives under Class 1.4G (i.e. fireworks, dynamite, etc.)

  • Medical oxygen or CPAP machines and their batteries

  • Spillable or sealed wet batteries (i.e. for a car or boat)

  • Propane, gasoline, mixed gas, diesel fuel, aviation fuel or jet fuel

  • Geological core samples

  • Consumer commodities (cleaners, aerosols, chemicals, paint, etc.)

Equivalency Certificates


We may be able to work with you to transport dangerous goods that are normally forbidden either due to their nature or their quantity.


The application process for an equivalency certificate is time consuming and comes with additional cost; however, it may be your best bet when planning a large project.  Contact our office for more information and to discuss how we may be able to offer an EC for your dangerous goods requirements.

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