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Cargo Service

If you live or work in the north; chances are if you have it - a plane brought it. SFA's ability to move your freight - either a box or a truckload - safely, efficiently and cost effectively is a specialty of ours!

Best rates out there!

SFA's cargo service commitment is to move your freight as quickly as possible and according to the following priority:

  • Perishable food items - refrigerated items (fruit, milk, etc.)

  • Perishable food items - frozen items (meat, frozen foods, etc.)

  • Dry goods / food items

  • Remaining dry goods / supplies, furniture, appliances, etc.


It is our goal to move all freight - particularly food and personal items - within three days. While weather or other factors are the main influence on timing, we are generally able to move priority freight within this timeline.


SFA Cargo Rates between

Sioux Lookout and Cat Lake or Slate Falls:


$1.00 per lb. (economy cargo)

$30.00 minimum charge on everything over 10 lbs.

Expedited priority cargo $0.30 per lb. extra (min $10)
(Above rates are best available and are inclusive of taxes and fees. Priority cargo, hotshot service, etc. are available for other rates. Contact us for more information or to obtain a quote.)

SFA Stick N Ship:

Ask about our prepaid shipping stickers! Working like a "stamp", our SNS program gives you priority freight on a single item up to 25 lbs.! Minimum 10 sticker purchase, not transferable. The absolute most economical way to ship your online orders (Walmart, Amazon, Costco etc.) to the north!


SFA Live Animal policy:


All animals must be appropriately crated and accompanied by a passenger who has taken responsibility for the animal.  Excess charges may apply.  Advance notice of all animal travel must be received in order to determine space availability. We accept no responsibility for animals left in our care but, of course, will do everything we can to keep them safe and comfortable!



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